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LOR Graduate Application Social Work #2

Dear Madams/Sirs.

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation in support of XXXX who is applying for the 2015 Master’s in Social Work Program at your esteemed University. I got to know Mr XXXX well when he was serving as an active and highly resourceful trainer for the Ethiopian Women Lawyers’ Association at the same time that I served as the manager for a UNIFEM project focused on reducing gender-based violence in selected parts of Ethiopia. 

The Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association (EWLA) is a non-partisan and non-profit organization established in 1995 to advance the legal, social, economic, political and cultural rights of women in Ethiopia. In order to achieve this objective, EWLA has been actively involved in legal research and law reform advocacy, public education, and legal aid programs. The association is among only a few, successful, pioneer women rights advocacy organizations in Ethiopia. Mr. XXXX has contributed to the advancement of women’s rights in Ethiopia through his work with EWLA. His performance was outstanding and he demonstrated great commitment to the protection and promotion of women’s rights through EWLA’s core programs in advocacy, legal aid, and public education. He has served as a resource person representing EWLA in a number of trainings and advocacy forums held at national levels. He always did his best at providing legal advice to women victims of injustice where he demonstrated his commitment to the association and the lives of women. He has also played a vital role in the fund raising activities of the association. EWLA has always appreciated his contribution and will also continue to benefit from his participation in its activities.

Mr. XXXX’s professional engagement has proved him to be very passionate about human rights in general and to have strong convictions concerning women’s rights in particular. I can attest to the fact that Mr XXXX is considerate, friendly, and humble with great sense of humor. He has demonstrated the ability to work in a very stressful and multi-cultural environment, and his colleagues very much enjoy working with him. 

Given XXXX’s level of experience and his commitment to protecting and empowering victims of injustice, I am convinced that he should be considered a strong candidate not only for admission to your Master’s Program in Social Work, but also any scholarships or other financial aid that may be offered by your institution. I am confident that he will excel and add immense value to the academic debates taking place in your program.

I strongly believe that XXXX will make great contributions in the future to the promotion of gender equality and the protection and promotion of human rights in general as well as that of women in particular. I also believe that being accepted for advanced training in your program will enable XXXX to also benefit our association and its endeavors to uplift the status of women in Ethiopia. For these reasons, I feel strongly that he will make important contributions to the graduate program in social work to which he is accepted.

I appreciate your consideration of XXXX for admission to your program.

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