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BSN Psychology Major, Latina

Nursing, and particularly caring for the elderly, was introduced to me in a deeply personal way.  It was when my grandfather was quite ill, first in hospital, and then a nursing home that I encountered people that would change the course of my life forever.  In my undergraduate Psychology studies, I used to think that the key to my future lay in the study of the human mind, and indeed, there are many fascinating mysteries there, and answers to profound questions.  However, watching the compassionate, nursing professionals, their heartfelt, genuine care as they attended to a man that could never be their own grandfather; I saw that the blood tie was irrelevant.  I saw my own future, the world standing still for a moment as nurses attended to seniors, regardless of temperament, uneasiness or failing health, the nurses seemingly superhuman, gifted with the ability to deal with patients suffering from dementia, terminal illnesses, with a patience that is rare nowadays.  I, too, want to be what she was to my family and most importantly my grandfather to someone else who has someone dear to their heart in failing health.

Earning my BSN will enable me to bring a focus to my passion for geriatric nursing, the chance to build my exposure so that someday I can serve as a head nurse, leading a group of healthcare professionals within a geriatric facility or floor of a regional hospital.  I envision using my career as a jumping off point for elderly advocacy in my community, and eventually serving as the director of a nursing home or hospice facility.  Already, I have a good grasp of the fundamental issues and challenges facing our seniors having completed ethnographic research of the homebound elderly, work that has only expanded the breadth of my appreciation and urgency for earning my BSN.

 I bring with me to the BSN program and student body a solid academic foundation in Psychology and Sociology, an academic path I was fortunate to tread thanks to the Peter Vallone Academic Scholarship, one that is based solely on academic achievement.  Moreover, I bring with me a maturity earned through professional secretarial work within an accounting firm.  The work has tested, proven and solidified my ability to multitask, manage my time effectively, work under pressure within a deadline-oriented environment and interact in a professional manner with business partners and clients.  Furthermore, my computer skills will translate well to nursing computer packages, such as Cerner applications.  While no lives were in danger, working in a busy accounting office during “tax season” has helped me keep calm, think clearly, communicate information accurately and deliver a quality product in a patient, timely manner.

 In the most practical terms, it is my understanding that due to the influx of diverse patients into the US healthcare system, there is a distinct, omnipresent, even growing need for healthcare professionals who are not only multilingual, but are fluent in the, namely, the Latino or Hispanic American experience.  As a Hispanic American, I am fluent in Spanish and English, have traveled throughout the Caribbean and feel that my experiences have made me more sensitive to the unique needs of our Spanish-speaking patients.  More specifically, growing up in Brooklyn has made me aware of the assorted difficulties facing inner-city Hispanics and Latinos, namely acculturation, poverty, childcare inadequacies, racism, discrimination, and language issues.

 I look forward to furthering myself through the opportunity and challenge of a demanding nursing education program.  All that I have seen and felt has convinced me that no other field ever could bring me the same sense of personal, professional, even spiritual satisfaction.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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