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LLM Masters UK, Caribbean Woman, Labour

I am applying for admission to your External Law Programme because I would very much like to attain the LLB Degree from a traditional, prestigious English Law Degree Programme with international standing. I hope to complete your Programme in three years, since I want to continue my work in the banking system here in Nassau in my home country the Bahamas. After graduation, I plan to attend Bar School in London and then return home town to practice law. My long terms goals include becoming a partner in a successful law firm, continuing my studies towards the LLM Degree, and eventually becoming a judge. There is an acute need for honest judges with high levels of personal integrity who uphold professional ethical codes here in the Bahamas and it is my aspiration to contribute to the well-being of my people by improving our legal system.

 Our judicial system in the Bahamas has always been and remains highly political which I see as egregiously inappropriate for legal professionals. I am appalled by the way that judges often if not generally allow politics to interfere with their decisions. People are frequently sentenced based on who they are: if they have a relative in politics they almost always go free while others convicted of similar offenses go to jail. I want to become a judge so as to help transform my country into a society where no one is above the law. It is my firm conviction that everyone deserves a fair trial and egalitarian sentencing irrespective of family or professional ties. While I keenly look forward to studying all aspects of law, I am especially attracted to the idea of doing research and developing a specialty at some point in the area of Labour Law since there are very few lawyers trained in this area and we are in desperate need of greater justice in this area.

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