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JD, Juris Doctor, Family Law, Canadian-Chinese

I am a Canadian-Chinese man, born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada from an early age. I currently live in Hong Kong. I speak English, Chinese and French. I hold a B.Sc. degree in Biochemistry awarded by McGill University. My goal is to qualify in the program and then to practise as a barrister in family law. I have been undertaking voluntary work in the Community Service Centre in Montreal during the studies for my bachelor’s degree. The work involves assisting immigrants by providing free translation services and involves court attendances. Assisting clients, who are often confused and anxious, gives me enormous satisfaction and I have decided that the law would provide a much more satisfying career than would science. I have been encouraged by the lawyers in the Centre in this decision.

 I have carefully considered the characteristics required of a successful barrister and I am convinced that I possess them. I am confident, calm under pressure and used to analyzing large amounts of information to reach an accurate conclusion. My study of science has required an ordered and disciplined approach to work and excellent analytical skills and these are all very pertinent to a career in law. It would be my hope to specialize in Family Law and I am aware that this will involve sometimes distressing situations and emotional clients and requires empathy together with an ability to separate facts and law from emotional reaction. I hope to undertake research in the area of family law.  I believe that I can excel in the program and bring useful insights both from my scientific background and my volunteer activities. I also offer a passionate interest in family law and undertake to be totally dedicated to my work in the program.

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