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Internship Health Care Administration, Latino

I already hold a good degree in general Business Management and am currently pursuing an MBA in Health Care Administration. As you will note, my career to date has been spent in the area of Neurodiagnostic Technology. However because of my successful work in that area, I have for some time been involved in exercising various management and leadership functions. My wish now is to combine my fairly long experience of patient care together with my proven organizational and administrative skills and academic background and potential to become a leader in the field of Healthcare Administration.

Healthcare became particularly important to me from the early age of 13 when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer which subsequently mestasized to her brain. She was a patient for six years until her death and during that time, naturally, I was acutely interested in the quality of care that she received and found that, on some occasions, this was disappointing. This experience clearly demonstrated to me the importance of separating the patient from the person and in the value of staff having the time and inclination to share a joke and squeeze a hand when appropriate. I also learned the value of staff relating well to close relatives and empathizing with them in times of distress and discouragement and in joining in the elation when things are going well.

My experience in my work to date, has confirmed to me the very close relationship between excellent health administration and excellence of care provided to patients and it is my aim to further the quality of both as far as it is in my power.

In ten years from now I would hope to hold a senior executive role in health administration. I would see my role primarily as providing a platform to enable and encourage healthcare providers of all specialties and grades to perform their roles at their optimum effectiveness for the benefit of patients.  I see the removal of any administrative obstacles in the way of patient care as being a basic matter and one that should also be subject to constant monitoring and action as appropriate. I would seek to minimize the administrative demands on clinicians whilst simultaneously enabling them to have easy access to relevant, accurate, reliable, fully updated patient, statistical and other necessary information.

As you will see from my CV, I have been closely involved in the areas of credentialing and accreditation and have acquired substantial experience in these areas that will be transferable to a senior management role in healthcare administration. This voluntary activity is a measure of my interest in training and in measuring the effectiveness of training provided. I am aware that leadership skill forms a very important component in the roles for which I hope to become qualified. I have always encouraged junior colleagues to recognize that their potential may be much greater than they themselves recognise and to seek to recognise and to realize that potential as I have always sought to do in my own life. I also have substantial experience of working as an effective team member in a multi-disciplinary environment and as a senior office-holder in various professional bodies.

My academic record will provide assurance of my potential to excel within the program. I completed my undergraduate degree, and am completing my MBA, while working full time and also serving as a senior officer of my professional body’s Accreditation Board (ABRET). This reflects highly developed time management skills and work ethic and a deep commitment to the field of healthcare.

I would be interested in undertaking a research project relating to the credentialing and licensing as it relates to healthcare professionals because of my experience in this area. I am also interested in how the method of presentation of information in a healthcare context might affect the way in which it is perceived and subsequently acted upon by the recipient.

I regard the program as being the ‘perfect fit’ to enable me to achieve my professional goals and to fit me to make a significant contribution to advances in this vital area of healthcare. I am convinced that my atypical, but nevertheless relevant, background will enable me to bring fresh and useful insights to the program and I look forward to receiving the benefit of those that my colleagues will provide.  I promise an enthusiastic and highly diligent involvement in the program in which I feel that I have the genuine and proven potential to excel.

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