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Masters of International Administration, Africa

A young woman from Nigeria, my experiences in life have taught me how to be patient, innovative, and constructive. Growing up in Africa, I have been a constant witness to the myriad forms of human suffering that result from extreme poverty, ignorance, ineptitude, and corruption. The overwhelming majority of families still lack basic necessities in Nigeria, there is little to no electricity in many villages, children still die from curable diseases and security is abysmal. In my search for a better life for my people, an intense passion grew within me as I began to realize that people do not have to live this way, that in other parts of the world common ordinary people are able to live comfortable lives. This is why I became interested in international affairs. Eventually, my curiosity led me to Canada, where I earned a BA Degree in International Development. Here in Canada, I have successfully adapted to life in a vast pool of different cultures and identities, thereby enhancing my own multi-lingual and, most of all multi-cultural, perspective on life, my global worldview. I relish the fact that I have learned to open up my mind and see beyond my own experiences, and this has very much reinforced my desire to study towards a professional degree in the area of international studies.  I have served as a volunteer here in Canada with various international organizations and companies. I worked with G-telecom, for example, an international telecommunications company based in Canada, where I gained both knowledge and experience in international communication. My professional experiences, combined with my studies, have inspired me to dream and struggle for our future. Someday, I hope to put my knowledge and skills to good use by introducing affordable communication devices in my village and throughout small towns and rural areas, especially in remote areas where these devices are non-existent.

In January 2010, I founded a non-profit organization called the Obee Benson Foundation, aimed at providing food, clothing and shelter to some of our less privileged people. I hope to someday expand this organization beyond Nigeria to all of Africa. Being accepted to your distinguished program will provide me with the tools and experience that I need to realize these goals.

At the University of Windsor, I became the Public Relations Officer for the Nigerian Students Association, with the privilege of serving as a representative of the Nigerian student body in my school. I organized events, wrote and edited flyers and magazines, arranged meetings and conveyed information regarding the organization to the public, even bringing our issues to the attention of the school’s executive board. I organized campaigns, conferences, and have been particularly passionate when it comes to educating the public about our experiences as international students.

I am particularly attracted to the Masters program in International Administration at the University of XXXX because of its broad and comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach and I keenly look forward to a full immersion in both practical and theoretical aspects of my field. I was intrigued by the additional benefit of the school’s location, as the city is a hub for various immigrant communities, Latin American relations, and trade, as well as for global environmental and human rights issues. I am also attracted to the opportunities presented by your exchange program and hope to have the opportunity to learn all that I can about other cultures.

I will be concentrating on regional studies (Africa) because I want to devote my life to bringing progressive social and economic change to Africa. I look forward to many decades working with international organizations, drawing attention to the most pressing needs of the African people. I am convinced that the Masters of International Administration at the University of XXXX will prepare me for the achievement of my dreams.

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