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HRM Human Resources Masters, Chinese Woman

A young woman from China studying in the USA, I am most pleased to live in an age of great appreciation for diversity, with business and commerce crossing almost all cultural and political divides to better organize human activity on our increasingly interconnected plant. This is why I want very much to give my professional life to the field of Human Resources and to have a very fulfilling professional life as a people person - interacting with workers and staff from around the globe as a Human Resources professional.

I will be graduating this summer, 2017, from the University of Minnesota with my undergraduate degree in Economics and a minor in Interdisciplinary Design. I could not be happier here at the University of Minnesota; thus, I would like very much to continue to study here on a graduate level and earn my Master’s Degree in Human Resources as well, with the support of the academic community that I have come to know and love. I feel strongly that it is here at the U of M where I can best excel as a graduate student. I hope to be selected to your competitive Master’s Program in HR because I am an excellent student with a proven track record of leadership, ever since I served as Vice President of the Student Association of Shandong University of Finance and Economics (September 2013—July 2014). I took the lead in my college in China with the organization of events and activities, especially personnel scheduling and coordination. I also learned and absorbed as much as I could about a variety of areas related to Finance, especially trade, labor, and firms.

Here at the U of M, I have also been busy with extra-curricular activities, running a Marathon for charity this past summer, serving as a volunteer at the Children’s Museum, and the highlight of my career so far, delivering a presentation at a conference concerned with “Refugees, Immigrants, and Ethnic Minorities.” I also had the great privilege of participating in the Germany Study Abroad Experience Program through the U of M (December 2016—January 2017). I have also learned a great deal and enhanced the fluency of my English language skills by working in food service for our academic community: the U of M Dining Service, Wise Owl Café, and Jamba Juice.

Human Resource Development is what most excites me, where my greatest passion lies. I especially enjoy the dynamic discussions taking place at the intersection of diversity issues and HR. I made a point to study HR issues while a student in Germany and I very much enjoyed this experience of being a witness to a country with such a diverse composition, rich with minority communities. I admire Germany for her generosity and her willingness to provide a safe haven for so many refugees fleeing war and devastation in other parts of the world. I am keen to learn as much as I can about refugee and immigrant issues globally speaking, with special reflection on my native China and the increasingly large sections of the planet in which it seeks to exert its influence.

I flew across the sea by myself to the University of Minnesota with no family or even friends waiting for me when I arrived, all alone. Since that time, I have come to feel very much like I have two homes, that the U of M is also my home base for the time being, to further prepare me for entrance into the global workplace as an HR professional. I thank you for considering my application.

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