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MA Program in Graphic Design, Motion, UK

As I always been most passionate about Art, especially computer generated art, most of all Graphic Design and Motion Graphics. This professional interest is deeply embedded in my understanding of the world and my desire to make it a better place. After a thorough review of opportunities for study, I have decided that my first choice is XXXX University because of the vast diversity of course offerings and my desire to study in a world-class university.

 Since I enrolled in primary school, I have dearly loved my art classes; I fondly remember being first exposed to both cool and the warm colors and making my first sketch. This passion continued throughout high school as I continued to excel in my art classes, winning many contests. I began studying graphics design at the age of thirteen, being especially engaged with with animation through Macromedia Flash 4, I used to read and even write tutorials in the biggest Arabic flash committee forum website of the epoch. Within one year of joining, the administrator of the website upgraded my membership administrator, despite the fact that I was one of the youngest members of the forum.

 Soon, still only 13, I designed my own website to teach others about Flash technology, which won the Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Information Award for best website in Kuwait designed by a teenager. Within the next two years, by 15, I had mastered Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe Dream Weaver and other critically important tools that have went on to define our generation. After graduating from high school, I wanted to pursue the B.A. Degree in Graphics Design; but, because that degree was not yet offered by Kuwait University, I majored in Video and Audio Production. Since that time, however, I have continued to educate myself in graphics design through books and web tutorials. When I began college, I was especially fascinated by the posters of students groups of and student elections hung on the walls throughout the university. Little by little, I began participating in these groups and helping to design the images myself.

 By 2007, my efforts were paying off and I was being recognized not only as the best graphics designer in my college but also on a university level; and I devoted much of my time to the Media Club, a group of students majoring in media who sought to enhance student abilities in media, filming, montage, graphics design, press, public relations etc. I began by designing the logos and the reaction was very supportive and encouraging. Soon, I became the team leader of the media committee.

 My business career began early as well, at 15, designing personal websites, flash cards, and web ads, and I learned that my passion could be profitable, which further enhanced my interest in design. I continued to learn new design techniques, especially insofar as they helped me to better design the project that I was working on. Early on, I did graphic design for free, so as to establish my reputation as a creative artist, which generated a lot of interest in my work. By the time I was 19, I was an experienced professional with my own company—along with my associate. We remain one of the leading web hosting companies in Kuwait and our business is thriving.

  In 2008, I also accepted a position with the XXXX Industrial Group in the Public Relations Department. This position continued to enhance my level of self confidence as I learned how to more effectively connect and communicate with people from different parts of the world. I have become much more adept at business dealings and more insightful and creative concerning customer service, the ‘art’ of pleasing clients.

 In late 2009, I had the opportunity to become a part of the biggest media organization in Kuwait –AlWatan-- with both a daily newspaper and a TV channel. Here at XXXX, I began by doing graphic design for newspapers ads, and soon progressed to website design, web ads, video reports, video ads, montage and motion graphics. After six months, I was promoted to the position of team leader, leading my own creative team doing graphics/video work.

 I hope very much to be accepted to your world-renowned program at XXXX because I have so much more to learn. In fact, I am devoted to lifelong learning and feel very strongly that your program represents the most solid foundation available in my area. I have so many unanswered questions about graphics design, motion graphics and how to combine them to make them most effective for a variety of media fields. I want to make the world a better place to live, to be able to share what I learn with others and to help my community to thrive through more effective communication. My primary long term goal in life is to motivate and inspire others to make the most of media, bringing our vast world together and increasing our understanding of each other, helping to avoid conflict and build solidarity.

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