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Executive MBA Degree, African-American

I earned my MBA Degree from Florida Metropolitan University in Ft. Lauderdale in 1999. Now, at 41, I want to get the MBA of my dreams: the Executive MBA at XXXX. A cosmopolitan African-American businessman, I speak fluent Japanese as well as French. I was raised in Michigan and completed my BS Degree in International Business at the University of Alabama. One year later, I earned my Certificate in Japanese Law and Culture at Chiba University in Japan. I have enormous respect for the efficiency and creativity of the Japanese and see them as an important role model for developing countries. I have my eyes on Africa, where my contribution could be the most powerful and my French most useful as an international activist for sustainable economic development.

I lived and worked in France for 5 years and studied the language intensively the entire time. I managed a large team while in France and 80% of the team did not speak English. I am especially pleased with my international and multilingual experiences because I feel that they provide an excellent platform to pursue a career in international business that will enable me to make important contributions to global development, especially with respect to Francophone nations in Africa.

I am an accomplished Sourcing and Supply Chain Operations Executive. A group Vice President at 35, I have become comfortable leading large international teams, living in multiple foreign countries and traveling the world synthesizing a broad variety of perspectives on economic development and social responsibility. I am an experienced leader with a proven track record at successfully implementing global business functions.  I balance my success in business with my moral obligation to give something back to my society. I recently served for three years as a member of the Board of Directors for the United Way of my county, raising and distributing funds. In 2010, I served as Vice Chairman. While living in France, I was an active member of the World Food Program, sponsored by the United Nations. Most recently, I have been engaged with a charitable organization called The Water Project, whose mission is to provide clean drinking water to Third World countries. In addition to Japan and France, I have also conducted business in South Africa, India, China, and most of the other Asian Pacific Countries. 

My dream is to spend the balance of my professional life working to create and implement innovative processes that help to improve the economies of developing nations. I look forward to a most rigorous, world-class immersion in research dealing with alternative ways to drive sustainable solutions so as to maximize the positive impact on the lives of some of our world’s most vulnerable members. As I have matured professionally and spiritually over the years, I have increasingly come to feel a keen sense of moral obligation to society that has inspired me to seek an education at XXXX, so that I am ultimately prepared for making the maximum contribution professional contribution possible. 

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