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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David

Esthetic Dentistry (AEED) Fellowship Certificate

I am a young woman and a dentist from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I love my city and I like to think of it as the most beautiful and international city in the Middle East. I adore both physical and spiritual beauty and I find both to be best expressed in the smile, the center of my world. I want to devote the rest of my life to the promotion of beautiful smiles and perfect bites not only in Saudi Arabia, but throughout the Middle East. I feel strongly that our region of the world could benefit by greater levels of international collaboration in health care.

 I admit that with my goal of someday opening up my own practice in a wealthy country, over the long term my efforts will be well rewarded economically. Nevertheless, I keenly look forward to paying my dues working at public, government hospitals. In fact, making that “Hollywood Smile” more accessible and affordable in my country is the centerpiece of my long term aspirations.

 I like to think of myself as a cosmopolitan Arab woman. I spent a whole year in Boston in an exhaustive but exhilarating, full immersion in English, to assure that I will be able to excel in your program once I am enrolled. I see your Postgraduate Program in Esthetics at XXXX to be the ideal program to prepare me to meet the challenges that I will face building my career back in Saudi Arabia after I complete your program. This is because I see Operative Dentistry at XXXX University as the flagship program in the area of esthetics. I am very much looking forward to direct interaction with most of the dental specialties, including Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Endodontics and Orthodontics, to intensify my references in order to respond in to more comprehensive way to my patient’s needs. Your program will provide me with the optimal foundation for the provision of comprehensive dental care the people of Saudi Arabia.

 I am seeking the fullest immersion experience possible in the Science and Art of Esthetic Dentistry at the highest level of rigor and challenge available. This is why Tufts University is my first choice for advanced study. I have my heart set on completing your program because I want encourage more progressive policies in government hospitals so that our health care system better recognizes the importance of esthetic elements to the overall health of the patient, mentally as well as physically. I want to have the fullest share possible in the introduction of joy into the lives of people which chronic oral health needs that have a major impact on their sense of self worth and self-esteem. I want to give them not only a beautiful smile but perfect occlusion as well.

 I am a really hard worker when it comes to what I most love. I have experience as a dentist working in three different government run hospitals in the KSA. Saudi Arabia is home to many foreigners and I had the privilege of working with patients from a vast array of cultures, speaking dozens of languages, all ages and types of personalities that one might imagine. This has helped me to become increasingly versatile and understanding, adaptable with an open mind. I most thrive on the cultivation of teamwork and I am at my highest function as a team member as well as working alone.

 I also believe that my extra-curricular activities have helped prepare me to excel in esthetic dentistry, particularly my love of design especially fashion and interiors. I thrive on precision and the constant search for higher levels of creativity. I have also learned many valuable lessons, especially about the need of poor people in my country by working with a nonprofit organization called (xxxx), an organization that involves providing food and clothes to the poor in our city.

 Attending and participating in national and international conferences and workshops have helped me on many levels, helping me to stay current with the latest innovations in my area. Watching all these new techniques has encouraged me more to seek for the Esthetic programs to learn more about them and apply it to my patients in the future.

 The 2 best doctors that I have had the opportunity to meet in my career so far both graduated from Tufts. I see them as my role models and I aspire as well to have the best education possible in my field so that I might make increasingly creative contributions as well in the areas of technique and treatment modalities.

 I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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