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MA for Teachers, Early Childhood Studies

A teacher has a place of privilege in the life of a child, that of being the third parent. This is a responsibility I do not take lightly; my decision to enroll in the Masters program in Early Childhood Studies at XXXX University is as a result of my belief that it is the best program to equip me with the skills, expertise and academic knowledge base I require to become a skilled educator.

Born, raised and educated in Tehran, Iran and presently living in Canada, I have a global worldview about educating children that stems from lessons gleaned from two starkly different countries and cultures. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1997 from Azad University, Tehran-Iran, confirmed by the University of Toronto and after working as an engineer and a nutritional consultant, I decided to pursue my core passion of teaching.

In the last decade, working as a volunteer initially and subsequently as a tutor, I discovered that I have both the personality attributes and the life skills to relate well to children, especially those in their formative years. As a result my research area of interest involves the role of education early in the development of the child. Further, I have spent the past year as an assistant teacher in a public school where I have become comfortable in the classroom environment with children from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. 

My decision to pursue this specific Masters program in early childhood studies was based on the fact that I would have the opportunity to interact with colleagues who share a passion for teaching younger children, be exposed to academic staff with years of experience in the field and most importantly, be equipped with the practical skills I need to excel as a teacher in this field.

With experience gained as a private tutor in Maths and Physics and as a volunteer in a children’s orphanage, I believe I am an excellent candidate for the Masters program at Ryerson University. I am dedicated, hardworking and passionately committed to achieving my long-term goal of becoming a teacher. Being bilingual in Persian and English gives me the unique ability to relate to children from different backgrounds. The years spent as an engineer have also left me with a wealth of leadership experience which is invaluable in this educational environment, especially in the role of mentoring. Having a family has prepared me to have the patience and endurance that is needed to persevere in helping children achieve their full potential.

I believe that teachers learn as they teach and the best teach by example. By being kind, generous, respectful and empathic to children and their parents, I know that I can make a valuable contribution not just to their academic knowledge but to their development as people. I trust that you afford me this opportunity to study at your institution. 

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