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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David

MA Counseling, Child Development

I am a Chinese woman born and raised in China, resident in the U.S. for two years. I speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English.  I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business and an Associate’s degree in Social Sciences (major in Psychology). I expect to be awarded a further Associate’s degree in Child Development in May 2011.

Even for a traditional Chinese family upbringing, my own was particularly strict. My relations with my parents were always very formal and distant and I craved the warmth that was lacking, no doubt as a result of my parents’ own child-parent relationships. These unsatisfactory relationships brought out in me, at a young age, a particular sensitivity to the feelings of others and an intuitive awareness of unhappiness or discomfort in those around me that I always sought to allay.  My own childhood experiences have left me with a great desire to help people, especially children and young people who face problems and obstacles to their happiness, development and the fulfillment of their potential. My experiences as an immigrant have also provided me with insights about the particular difficulties faced by other immigrants which I hope to apply in my future career.

Though I enjoyed studying Business for my Bachelor’s degree, I realized that my future lay elsewhere and moved on to the study of Psychology. This decision has been of great personal benefit in understanding past problems and in handling the cultural ‘shocks’ involved in moving to the U.S. from China. The fact that my parents migrated at the same time has also provided me with an insight into the different stresses felt by those who are older at the time of such a change.  

I also became aware, in my study of psychology, of the great value of counseling as a means of helping people to identify solutions to their problems and of some of the basic techniques applied by counselors. I resolved to undertake some related volunteer work and then to seek a formal qualification that would equip me to assist children, young people and immigrants on a professional basis equipped with first class training. I believe that the Holy Names Master’s program will provide that basis.

I received various offers of volunteer activity and decided to work at the Dimond Center because the children there were particularly diverse in terms of economic status and cultural background. I work as a recreation leader and teach classes in the Chinese language and culture. I have also assisted with ESL classes and this work has brought me into contact with immigrants from a variety of cultures and backgrounds and I have been able to help the students with various problems.  I have worked with children with special needs and have an understanding of those struggling with physical and academic limitations and how to effectively relate to them.

My voluntary activity has provided me with a good understanding of, and respect for, the various cultures to which I have been exposed. I have greatly enjoyed this learning experience so far and look forward to extending it. In addition I have undertaken some recreational travel that has increased my exposure to, and enjoyment of, the wonderful variety that the world offers.

It is my hope to be a counselor specializing in assisting children, young people and immigrants. I am aware that a passion to help others, although essential, is not in itself enough to succeed as a counselor. I know that it is necessary to be realistic about people and possible outcomes but always to help the client to identify the best ones available in his/her unique situation.

I consider that I have the academic skills and life experiences and, most importantly, a passion for counseling and an appreciation of the uniqueness of each individual that will enable me to profit significantly from the program and thereafter to provide excellent guidance to clients.

I have carefully considered the personal qualities and skills required of a first rate counselor and consider that I either possess them or can acquire them with the training available in the program. I am considered to be caring, considerate and thoughtful. I am able to remain calm and logical in stressful situations. I enjoy seeking solutions to problems. I am a good listener and have an understanding of non-verbal communication. Not least, I know the value of a smile even in distressing situations.

I have read that one of your graduates, who is employed as a Case Manager at a Youth Emergency Assistance Hostel, says that she “wakes up every morning grateful that I get to do what I do.” I very much hope to be able to say the same of my own life as a trained counselor. I can think of no better way of using my talents and time than in helping people find their way out of a maze of problems, unfortunate circumstances or bad choices and to see an accessible route to a better future.

Clearly the program will attract many well qualified applicants but I feel strongly that I can bring some unique and useful insights to the academic community.

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