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MS Business & Leadership, Multilingual

Perhaps the most important influence that has shaped the person I am today is my upbringing in a traditional family-oriented Bengali culture. My family has been an important source of support in all of the decisions I have made. I was taught the three basic tenets of ‘good words, good deeds, and good thoughts’ and these have always been my guiding principles in life. Not only do I try to do things for others, but I always push myself to be the best that I can be in all aspects of my life.

I hold a B.S. degree in Business Management. I speak English and Bengali and am conversational in Urdu, Hindi and Spanish. It is a long way from Bangladesh to Brooklyn and in more than a geographical sense. I have made a journey, with my family, from a very poor, third world country to holding a degree and having a management position but my journey is not yet over. I have aspirations to move further and higher in my career and your program will be of enormous assistance in helping me to fulfill the professional and personal potential that I know I have.

I have recently given birth to my first child and have left my job to care for her. This time at home presents me with a great opportunity to commence my M.S. studies, which I intend to continue when I return to work. Your on-line program will enable me to do both. I became aware at an early age of the enormous opportunities that a good education can open up to anyone willing to apply themselves. My short term goals are to excel in the M.S. program and then obtain a senior management position, preferably in a hospital.

My first experience of management was within my father’s construction business. This was a very demanding and rewarding experience involving a wide range of duties and provided an excellent ‘training ground’ in business and management. I also have five years recent experience as a program director and manager at New York Presbyterian Hospital. I have thoroughly enjoyed my work which has included a variety of duties and responsibilities. I have particularly enjoyed the leading of project teams to successful conclusions in improving procedures and systems relating to hospital finance.

Many of my senior colleagues at the hospital held M.S. degrees and I see obtaining the qualification as the natural next step in advancing my career prospects. Ultimately, I intend to pursue a PhD in Management. I have carefully considered the contents of your MS program and am very excited at the prospect of participating in it. My brother is a graduate of XXU and has very positive impressions of it. Others have also confirmed his regard for the quality and organization of its programs.  I am particularly drawn by the emphasis on leadership as it is my long term goal to achieve a C.E.O. position at which time this area of expertise will be vital to success.  

I am highly motivated and ambitious person. I am a diligent student who understands that academic and professional rewards are always linked to effort. I regard my ability to get on well with others, whatever their professional connection, as a major strength. I am regarded as a likeable and cooperative co-worker. I am a genuinely caring and interested supervisor who finds pleasure in helping others to fulfill their potential and to enjoy their work.

I was raised in the varied cultural environment of Brooklyn and have enjoyed socializing, studying and working with people of many cultural and social backgrounds through the years. I look forward to extending this experience within the program. In fact, my desire to take part in the online MS Program is a further reflection of my keen determination to continue along the academic path

I am aware that there will be many well qualified applicants for the program. However I am convinced that I can ‘add value’ to my class from the variety of my professional experiences, my personal qualities and, not least, the level of commitment that I intend to apply in order to  excel within the program.   

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