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MSW Autobiography, African-American Woman

The original foundation of my desire to become a licensed social work professional with the MSW is the fact that I am an African-American woman who grew up in inner city America, in my case Brooklyn, and was subjected to many of the social ills that are so very common among predominantly black commu…

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Autobiographical, Masters Psychology

I was hooked by my very first college class in psychology, most of all, learning how psychology related to me personally. As I learned more about myself, I came to better understand others as well, their emotions, sadness, anger, happiness, etc. I began to understand that human suffering is a unive…

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Autobiographical Masters Social Work

I date my interest in social work back to the age of 15. At the time, I had a counselor, XXXX, my mentor. To this day I look to her words for inspiration, her tranquility, patience, and no nonsense approach to life. She had given me books about social work practices, behavior analysis and understand…

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