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Undergraduate Degree in Architecture, UK

Undergraduate Degree in Architecture, UK

 I am a 24 year old woman from Singapore who has long had the dream of studying in the UK and I have developed a solid business background in real estate and management. My interest in architecture, urban design and development, and progressive respect for our environment through green, sustainable urban development has been growing exponentially over time. My travels have also left me most keen to study architecture. Traveling through Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, the USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, and Macau left me constantly fascinated by the layers of architectural design etched in place by the history of colonization, the Portuguese influence in Malacca and Macau being a prime example. I want to study in the Architecture Program at Westminster because I see it as the finest, most progressive programe available.

 I am convinced that training in management and work as a real estate professional will enable me to make the most of your program. I want to study in England because the UK educational system is recognized and respected throughout the world with a tradition of educational excellence and I believe that, with a degree from Westminster, I would be able to find work in any part of the world. I believe that your program would provide me with the optimal foundation for my ongoing professional development. I am also very much attracted to the UK’s incredible mix of diverse cultures coupled with contemporary ways of thinking, all held together with a strong sense of identity and tradition. It would be the ultimately exciting and enriching experience to be able to live and study in England and contribute to the lovely international diversity of your program.

Graduating from the Singapore Institute of Management has set me on a path towards my long term goal of working as a project manager, complemented by my last two years working as a Senior Realtor. I have also worked full time in the area of Financial Planning, thus rounding out a solid background in business for someone my age. Furthermore, I have spent years working as a volunteer, tutoring orphans, raising funds for charities and making handcrafted items for the National Kidney Foundation. I have also had the privilege of serving as a Staff Sergeant with the Girls Brigade Singapore as a Drill Instructor and an organizer of regional camps, designing and implementing creative drills, receiving the Brigade’s Gold Award in honour of my accomplishments.

 I was able to maintain a Core Curriculum Activities score of A1 throughout my school days and have often been commended for my strong leadership skills and high level of personal and professional organization. My intense passion for architecture and building construction provides me with the high level of motivation and self confidence required to succeed in your program and I look forward to giving my all to the development of a firm academic foundation for a lifetime of hard work in the areas of urban design, finance, and construction. I am a diligent, dependable, and meticulous individual who places a top priority on teamwork. I deeply appreciate your attention to my application and profoundly hope to meet you soon.

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