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Professional MBA, Aerospace Engineer

I am an aerospace engineer whose short term goal is to earn a XXXX MBA. My long term goal is to become the Director of Research and Development for a large corporation, preferably my present employer, the Boeing Company. I have been working for Boeing as an aerospace engineer since February of 2013…

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PHD Information Systems & Operations Mgmt

Your doctoral program at the College of Business at the University of XXXX is my first choice for graduate school because it is the most exciting program that I have found in terms of innovative thinking on the cutting edge where Information Systems meet Operations Management. I am a young man from…

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Masters Supply Chain Management, Africa

I am applying to XXXX University’s Supply Chain Management Masters Program for many reasons, first and foremost of which is the highly developed specialization of your program in my area, Oil & Gas Development. I am originally from Tanzania and I see it as my home, my people, and it is for this rea…

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MSCE, Transportation Engineering, Saudi Arabian

I was born, raised and educated in Saudi Arabia and am now resident in California. I was awarded my bachelor degree in Civil Engineering by the King Saud University and graduated fifth in my class with a high GPA score of 4.21 out of 5. My goals are to join the TE master’s program, excel within it …

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Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering, Saudi

I was born raised and educated in Saudi Arabia. I hold a bachelor degree in Engineering awarded by the King Faisal University (since re-named Dammam University) and majored in Landscape Architecture. I am the son of the founder and CEO of a substantial enterprise in Saudi Arabia involved in transpo…

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MS Architecture, Large Scale Integration

What I am most excited about are the huge breakthroughs being made in semiconductor technology, especially over the last three decades, the breathtaking pace of integration, with the world becoming smaller and smaller as described by Moore’s Law. Walking into the Intel museum in Santa Clara, Califo…

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MBA Degree, Food Sustainability, Bosnian

I grew up in Bosnia where excellent food from sustainable sources is available to all. Seasonal produce grown by local farmers was sold at the farmers’ market where we also bought milk and cheese; our meat and poultry came from a local butcher who raised his stock on a free range farm. No-one had to…

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PHD Operation Research, Industrial

What happens when you cross a Ph.D. (Math) with an M.S. (Civil Engineering)? Well, you get me!  With parents like mine I was raised, unsurprisingly, in an environment where numbers were as important as letters and where my games almost always involved numerical and logical challenges, which I loved.…

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PHD, Industrial & Systems Engineering

I was raised in an impoverished home in the Philippines where education is highly valued but the funding for it is often lacking. I found a route out of my situation through a talent and passion for Mathematics that was recognized throughout my schooldays. The talent and passion was supplemented by …

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Masters Architectural Design, Civil Engineering

“Together let us desire, conceive, and create the new structure of the future.” - Walter Gropius

 I still remember reading this quote by Walter Gropius when my mother took me to a Bauhaus Exhibition in Korea sixteen years ago. Gropius’s words continue to form a rhythm  in my mind to this day, …

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MS, Supply Chain Management, Transportation

For almost a decade, I have maintained a conceptual continuity in my education, volunteerism and career, an unswerving path to the highest level of education possible in TL.  Giving my time, energy, and all that I am to my work in logistics (transportation) and supply chain management, I have only b…

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