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Admission Appeal Letter, Low GRE Scores



I am an Engineer from Nigeria who has extensive experience in the area of Petroleum Engineering through my hands-on experience in my native Nigeria working at a refinery, running static machines including pressure vessels, reactors, and heat exchangers. This is one of the reasons why I feel strongly that I have a lot to contribute to my field in my home country. I am writing this letter in the hope that, since I have continued to make acceptable grades in the pre-requisite courses for your Master’s Program, you may decide to admit me to your program as a Master’s Degree seeking student.  I received an A- in Introduction to Petroleum Engineering; an A- is Reservoir Engineering I; and a B+ in Origins of Petroleum. I am currently enrolled in Phased Fluid Equilibria and I am especially enjoying the teamwork and camaraderie with my peers in this class, studying together and brainstorming solutions to complex problems and issues.

My low GRE scores are one of the reasons why I have not yet been admitted to your program. I am planning on re-taking them at the next available opportunity. Since I continue to devote almost all of my free time to Petroleum Engineering, however, rather than studying for the GRE, I am not overwhelmingly optimistic that I will be able to radically improve my scores. I suffer from test anxiety and as a Nigerian, despite the fact that I have been exposed to English in since childhood, in the USA I still struggle to overcome a language barrier which is especially notable when I take the GRE. For this reason, I humbly as for conditional admission to your program through an exception on the GRE scores required in my case so that I might have a special opportunity to continue to prove myself in your program.

If my reapplication to your program is accepted and I am granted admission to study towards and complete the MS Degree, then I will be able to realize my long term goal of a lifetime of struggle helping my native Nigeria develop ever cleaner and more efficient ways to develop and exploit our vast natural resources, thereby helping our people to prosper. I look forwards to decades of creative labor towards the development of new models in the area of petroleum engineering that will help to control the environmental toll taken on Nigeria by the  ongoing development of its oil industry.


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