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MSN, Post-Surgery, Vietnamese-American

After graduating from XXXX State with my BSN in Nursing, I began my career with XXU Health on a floor that specializes in post surgical patients, especially those with traumatic injuries. I was nervous but very eager to learn. Taking care of patient’s physiological, psychological and spiritual needs is always my main priority. I think this experience will help me to excel as a graduate student and I hope to contribute to the diversity of your distinguished MSN Program at XXU as a Vietnamese-American woman and a non-native speaker of English who has worked extremely hard to constantly improve her English communication skills so as to become a successful nurse.

 One day, I was called to the telemetry floor because the nurses there needed a Vietnamese translator. As I walked into the room the patient’s facial expression changed instantly from a scared look to a smile and he immediately started to tell me of his concerns. As I got to know this patient better I realized that he was from a rural area with very few healthcare resources. Soon, I began to see that this was a common theme among many of my patients of all ethnic backgrounds who were also from rural areas since patients travel from all over Louisiana for help at XXU Health, seeking a level of care not offered in their own town. More and more, I have found myself developing a keen interest in the special challenges of rural health nursing and I look forward to distinguishing myself in your program by excelling in this area in particular. I am applying to your distinguished MSN Program at XXXX University because I want very much to become a highly dedicated and creative FNP who makes a special effort in the area of rural health education. I look forward to becoming the kind of Family Nurse Practitioner who is especially adept at meeting the challenges of patients and their families from rural areas, a lifetime of helping to educate families on disease processes and healthy lifestyle choices.

 It is my great passion and eagerness to learn that has helped me to build my confidence increasingly as I have progressed in my career. There is nothing that I love more than finding an opportunity to apply what I am learning in nursing school to the day-to-day challenges that we face in the hospital. I am a firm believer in an integrated, holistic care model for each and every one of my patients. My professional experience at XXU has very much improved my patient assessment and organization skills; and I have learned the importance of carefully prioritizing my responsibilities.

 Most recently, my eagerness to acquire new skills led me to accept a job in the fast paced unit of PACU, working with more life-threatening situations. I very much appreciate how Post-operative monitoring allows me to more intimate contact with my patients. With the increasing demand for primary care in rural areas and the lack of available physicians, I feel strongly that FNPs have a critically important role to play in rural areas providing much needed primary care. This is the role that I seek to fulfill. Dedicated to lifelong learning, I see your program as the optimal springboard for a lifetime of study in nursing so that I will be able to contribute all that I can for many decades to come, making critically important differences for the better in the lives of families. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering my application to your program.

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