Sample 1st Paragraph DDS Applicant from India

As I reflect on my dedication to dentistry, I am reminded of a famous quote by Rabindranath Tagore: “I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I woke and saw that life was duty. I acted and behold: duty was joy.”  This is why I am a young Indian man who eats, sleeps, and breathes dentistry. Nothing brings me as much joy as healing, particularly protecting the most vulnerable among us who have no access to oral health care.

Endodontics Residency Program, Egyptian, Experience in Saudi Arabia

A dentist from Egypt, I could not be more engaged with my profession nor more enthused about the prospect of a full immersion in the study of Endodontics in the USA – the cutting-edge of dentistry and the advancement of dental technology. For several years now, I have developed a special passion for Endodontics for a variety of reasons, including my great respect for all things natural and preservation of life, environment, and one’s teeth as well, when it is possible to do so.

Completing dental school with honors in the top 15% of my class at Cairo University in Egypt​, Cairo, in 2013, I began a full-time engagement, serving in several private clinics not only in Egypt but also in Saudi Arabia. Almost immediately, I found myself immersed in RCT and I could not be happier with my calling as I am always excited to learn all that I can related to our field of Endodontics. Already, during my year of internship service, I chose Endodontics for my elective round, treating and managing many cases in this area. This was when I first wrestled with some of the potential challenges of RCT resulting from a broad variety of factors ranging from broken instruments to calcified canals. One of the singular highlights of my career so far was attending a workshop by Professor Alaa Diab on the “Principles and Techniques of Using Rotary Instrument Systems.”

I am thankful that I have been nominated for a scholarship that will make it possible for me to study in the United States and further advance my career in dentistry by earning my Master’s Degree in Endodontics in your distinguished residency program. This new journey will boost my professional skills and help me to continue to grow throughout my professional lifetime as an Endodontist and a human being as well. As my career progresses, I hope to give increasing amounts of my time to attention to Egypt’s large numbers of underserved, the poor, refugees from other countries such as Syria and Iraq, and my advanced training in Endodontics will help me to make major contributions in this regard as well.

It was love at first sight from the window of my plane as I descended into the Chicago skyline at night, the lights, beautiful and limitless like my dreams. I have a student visa for the USA and I am now in Chicago preparing for the NBDE Part 2. In addition to extensive visits to the United States, I also visited London every summer vacation during high school for a full 3-month immersion in English. This helped to bring my English language and conversation ability up to a very high level early on, and I have worked hard to become fully professional in this language as well.

While practicing dentistry in Egypt, I worked long hours and attended to a constant, heavy flow of patients, and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity as it helped me to develop ever-more-skillful hands and the ability to think on my feet, often dealing with very complicated cases. The workload was extremely rigorous and I hope to have the opportunity to also give my all to Endodontics in the USA. In Saudi Arabia, I volunteered to treat children in rural areas, using a low- speed contra- angle hand piece while they were sitting in their school chairs. This opportunity helped me to envision the basic means used hundreds of years ago to manage dental cases, which helped me to even more fully appreciate the technological advancement of our own times. My volunteer efforts in Egypt as well have helped me to advance in the development of my problem solving and communicating skills with my patients, especially those with low levels of oral health awareness. I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program in Endodontics.

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Statements of Excellence for Admission to Dental School

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Sample 1st 2 Paragraphs for Dental Residency Position, International Dentist from Pakistan

One of the things that I love most about my profession as a dentist from Pakistan is the way in which our field is so global, with more advanced countries making huge efforts so provide for those that are less fortunate in terms of their ability to provide adequate dental care for their people. My country, Pakistan, where I was born and raised and educated as a dentist, represents a host of special problems for those dentists and other health care workers in the international community who would like to help us. Many do come to help with the emergency health needs of victims of our massive flooding that take place periodically. The acute political instability of Pakistan, however, and the massive violence that this breeds—especially in certain areas of the country--tends to scare off all but a handful of the most brave.

The primary hope that I have for being selected to your program, with so many other qualified candidates applying, is the fact that I am uniquely qualified to serve women in desperate need of dental care in the future who are some of the most acutely underserved people in the world. I am still only 26 years old and have been in the USA now for more than a year preparing myself for your program primarily by perfecting my English. In the future, however, I feel strongly compelled to personally attend to the oral health care needs of women in Pakistan’s tribal areas, the vast majority of whom have no dental care at all; there are few dentists to begin with and they are not allowed to see male doctors or dentists for cultural and religious reasons. Unfortunately there are far fewer women dentists than male dentists, virtually non-existent. I feel their pain and I also feel strongly that I have the courage and the nerve to help them in the future, based on the professional growth and the intellectual and moral support of the wonderful people who I look forward to meeting in your program.

Sample 1st Paragraph

Now 27, I am a Chinese woman who has made Canada my home since we immigrated here in 2001. Already a teenager when I arrived, I was able to fully retain my language skills in Chinese; yet, I came soon enough to learn to speak English with only a minimal accent. Currently entering the home stretch in my studies towards the DDS Degree, it is a great pleasure to be in search of my first position as a dentist and I hope to begin my career by first gaining experience in the United States, preferably in your distinguished program at XXXX. As someone who relishes diversity and multiculturalism, I hope to excel in your program as an Asian woman, a Canadian, and most of all as a dentist who never loses her focus on her constant quest for increased capacity and excellence of service as an oral health professional.