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I am a final year Accounting student and so it is probable that my academic background is unusual for an applicant for a course in Anthropology. I have had a long-standing interest in human behaviour and how it arises, develops and changes and my study of economics created a deeper interest in these matters along with the reading of books relating directly to Anthropology and, most especially, ‘Tristes Tropiques’ by Levi-Strauss. This reading fired a determination to pursue the formal study of the subject with the goal of working for a body involved in providing information about Chinese history and cultural development. I am especially interested in passing on my passion to young people, and so to form and develop an understanding and appreciation of our rich and unique heritage.

Apart from reading widely on the subject, I have taken steps to expose myself to the practical side of the specialty. In 2016, I planned a ‘Summer Social Practice’ and led a team of 10 in a visit to Dun Huang, the place of cultural integration, to investigate the local cultural brand construction. I was exposed to many of the glories of Chinese culture and achievement. To read about Dun Huang is fascinating but to be there, to see the many beautiful artefacts, to see the topography that provided such effective defensive and trade opportunities and to hear the ‘singing sands’ was wonderful and I will never forget the experience.

As an intern with Huachen Auctions, I arranged thousands of photographs and documents created by Weigh Gold, a German ornithologist who explored land to the west of Sichuan. These images and records, preserved for over a century, provided a window into a part of China as it was over a century ago and brought a remote civilisation ‘to life’ for me. It was a privilege to organise these records so that others would share my wonder and fascination. I would be very interested in taking part in such projects in the future. I also have a strong interest in film and music, both historic and modern, as being reflections of a society’s contemporary mores, priorities and concerns. As a result of this interest, I became a volunteer for the World Organization for Video Culture Development which works to preserve and catalogue visual records of cultural interest.

Although a study of Accounting may seem fairly irrelevant to Anthropology, however it does call for an analytical mind, a facility for numbers and statistics that will aid my future studies and research and an understanding of the great affect that trade and competition for resources has in human activities and development. I also believe that I possess the characteristics necessary to assist in research projects. I am capable of original and creative thinking, I am determined, I have numerical skills, I happily co-operate with others to reach a common goal, and I am diligent with an eye for detail.

I have researched the programs available to me and am confident that the Anthropology Dept. at UXXX will provide the kind of challenging but supportive environment that I seek. The program offers the opportunity to learn about Chinese culture from world experts in the field and which is my main area of interest. I am also aware, of course, that the department has a prestigious reputation and faculty.

I can assure the reader that I shall apply myself with exceptional diligence and enthusiasm and I thank you for considering my application.

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