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PA Masters Applicant, Chiropractor USA

I am very keen on outdoor pursuits especially hunting and fishing and, consequently, spend much of my spare time in rural Nevada pursuing these interests. I have come to love the wilder parts of Nevada and the local people who have an interesting view of life and a neighborliness that is heart-warmi…

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Masters PA, Indian Medical Doctor with MPH

Despite the fact that I was a practicing physician in my native India, and have successfully completed a Master’s Degree in Public Health here in the United States, I want very much to return to school again because I have become convinced that becoming a Physician Assistant is what I most want to d…

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MS Masters Program, Pathologist Assistant

When I first dissected a frog in the ninth grade, I was thrilled to witness the unseen elements that sustained a living creature. I felt intrigued about how the various organs worked and contributed to the robust health of the organism. I was keen to find the answers to questions in my biology class…

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PHD Measurement, Statistics, & Evaluation

No one values education more highly than those who have received little or none themselves. Such was the case with my parents, my father had attended school for only five years and my mother had never attended school and was unable to read and write. Thus, our parents were especially determined that…

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PA, Physician Assistant Masters, Biology Degree

I was born in New York and raised in Georgia. I am of Italian descent and speak English and Italian. I hold the Bachelor’s degree in Biology awarded by XXXX University in 2010. It is my goal to qualify and to work as a Physician’s Assistant and, in this way to make a meaningful contribution to socie…

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JD, Juris Doctor, Family Law, Canadian-Chinese

I am a Canadian-Chinese man, born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada from an early age. I currently live in Hong Kong. I speak English, Chinese and French. I hold a B.Sc. degree in Biochemistry awarded by McGill University. My goal is to qualify in the program and then to practise as a barrister in f…

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Masters OT, African American

I am an African American male, born in the Bahamas and raised in Fort Lauderdale where I currently live and work. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Health Service Administration from Barry University. I speak English, Creole and French and have a working knowledge of Spanish.

 About six years ago, …

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MS, Master’s in Project Management, Chinese

I am Chinese, raised in Beijing and now living in Boston. I anticipate the award of the B.S. degree in Leadership from XXXX University in July of this year. My goal is to complete the M.S. degree in Project Management and ultimately to return to China to set up my own business. I believe that partic…

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Master’s Degree in Applied Economics

I am a Nigerian, born and raised in Nigeria. I lived in Holland for 4 years as a child and have lived in the United States since 2006. I speak English and also some Dutch, French and Spanish at varying levels of competence. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration awarded by XXXX Univer…

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Master’s Degree in Accountancy, Vietnamese

I am Vietnamese born in Vietnam and raised both in Vietnam and the United States. I am currently resident in Los Angeles. I expect to be awarded a B.S. degree in Managerial Economics in June of this year. I speak English and Vietnamese. I was raised in poor financial circumstances and am the first m…

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Global Executive MBA, Canada, Pakistan

I am applying to your world-class executive MBA program because I am convinced that the greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to create circumstances where not only I can help the less fortunate but also influence my peers to work towards a better business environmen…

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Masters Degree in International Relations, Africa

I am a 22-year-old Somali man who was born in Connecticut and raised in many different countries, the Ivory Coast, Cairo-Egypt, Rome-Italy, and Nairobi-Kenya, in addition to Somalia. My first language is English but I am also fluent in French and Somali. My Italian is rusty and my Arabic needs a lot…

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Master’s Degree, Financial Economics

I was born and raised in Shanghai, China and came to the United States for college because I seek the finest education possible in my field, investment management and very much admire the US educational system. I also want to work internationally for the rest of my professional life and so I am maki…

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MS Degree in Statistics, Chinese Immigrant

I was born and raised in China until the age of 18 when I immigrated to the United States with my family. This was six years ago. Throughout these last 6 years, I have worked very hard to adjust myself to Western culture and the full time use of the English language. I now feel very comfortable in A…

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Internship Equine Medicine & Surgery, Canada

I am a young man from Chile who currently lives in Ontario, Canada. I have two great loves in life, animals and the practice of medicine. Following in the footsteps of my father, a physician, I decided to devote my life to curing our animal friends since I have loved them so dearly ever since I was …

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MPH Degree Program, Medical Doctor from Iraq

I am a 28-year-old medical doctor from Iraq who now lives in Houston, Texas. I want very much to attain a Masters Degree in Public Health to enhance my professional capacity and stature as a medical professional. XXU is my first choice for graduate study because it is the finest program of its kind …

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HRM, Veterans, Medical

I have found a great deal of fulfillment from my positions in the field of social work over the last 7-and-a-half years. Working primarily in the areas of veteran’s medical issues on the one hand, and a shelter for victims of domestic violence, on the other, I have gained increasing understanding an…

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LLM, Masters Degree UK, Business Law, Arab

As a young Arab woman from Africa, I have had to struggle and work really hard my whole life to become fully recognized as a professional and a human being in a cruel, male-dominated world and work environment. The injustices against women in society are one of the primary reasons why I chose to bui…

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LLM, Masters International Business, Trade Law

I am a Mexican attorney from Nogales, in fact, both Nogaleses, the one in Arizona as well as the one in Sonora, Mexico. I attended school in the US through the 6th grade, and since then we have went to the USA almost daily to shop, restaurants, movies, business. Thus, I feel that I have grown up squ…

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