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MPH, Oral Pathology, Microbiology, Indian

I hope to earn a second Master’s at XXXX in Public Health so as to attain the finest education possible in this area. A dentist from India who is now making California her permanent home, earning my MDS in Dental Surgery in my country of origin, after completing dental school, will help me to excel …

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MA TESOL with Translation, UK, Saudi

I see your distinguished program in TESOL with Translation Studies at the University of XXXX as the optimal platform upon which to advance my career, particularly because of the way in which your program combines TESOL and Translation Studies in the curriculum and the fact that only your program h…

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Cover Letter for Internship in Hospitality

Central to the strength of my application to XXXX Hospitality’s Corporate Summer Associate Internship Program is my enthusiasm for new, creative ideas in finance. I seek additional immersion in solid investigation, putting my analytical skills to work on the cutting edge of international finance, …

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MBA Degree, Chinese Woman

I am a 29-year-old Chinese woman with an undergraduate degree in Commerce from the University of XXXX in Canada with a major in accounting. I was raised in China until the age of 15, when I received a full scholarship from the Singapore Ministry of Education and to study grades 9-12 in Singapore. I …

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Diploma in Strategy and Innovation

When studying Quantity Surveying, a fascination with the accounting components of my studies was fired. As a trained scientist, I was drawn by the elegance of accounting concepts and decided to make my future in accountancy. Thus my first job was with XXXX in Ghana as an Audit Associate. I have exce…

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