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International Affairs Masters, Diplomacy, Africa

I feel strongly that I am a solid candidate for the Thomas R. Pickering Fellowship because of my potential to contribute to the Foreign Service after completing the Master’s Degree in International Affairs with a focus on Conflict Resolution. An African man raised in Africa, I look forward to return…

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MSC Public Health, Nutrition UK

Having finally won a long personal battle to lose weight and to maintain the loss, I decided to study Clinical Nutrition in order to assist others dealing with the same issue. During my studies, voluntary activities and subsequent work, I became increasingly aware of the wide and growing incidence o…

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Orthodontics Residency, Dentist from Iran

I qualified as a dentist in May 2014 and have worked as a general dentist since October of that year in California. I have long had an interest in orthodontics arising from the experiences of a family member. My brother suffered a severe malocclusion as a child and was teased and laughed at as a…

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Library Director Employment Application Statement

My philosophy is that a great library director should be someone who knows their community well and is very active in their community. Library directors also need to be great managers of people. The library director should be someone who is dedicated to lifelong education and has demonstrated his or…

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MSN-PMHNP Psychiatric and Mental Health

In April 2006 I decided I to drop out of high school in order to escape from a troubled home and inner-city neighborhood. All I sought was a safe environment, to learn a trade, and I planed even before quitting school to get my GED as soon as possible and go to college. Soon, I enrolled in a gover…

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MSN Nurse Anesthesia, Indian Raised in Africa

An Indian woman who was born and raised in Tanzania, I already think of America as my home and country since I settled in California more than a decade ago. Now 30, almost since my arrival at 19, I have dreamed of becoming a nurse. To become a CRNA, in particular, has always been my central career…

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Internship Health Care Administration, Latino

I already hold a good degree in general Business Management and am currently pursuing an MBA in Health Care Administration. As you will note, my career to date has been spent in the area of Neurodiagnostic Technology. However because of my successful work in that area, I have for some time been in…

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MPH Master’s Public Health, Saudi Arabian

My country, Saudi Arabia, is very wealthy however it still suffers a shortage of highly qualified specialist physicians in many areas. Although advanced in most areas of general healthcare provision, research in the area of public health services is not so well advanced in comparison with those of…

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Fulbright Scholarship, MPH, Pakistani Doctor

A doctor in Pakistan, I hope to be selected for the Fulbright Scholarship on the basis of my passionate to desire to earn the MPH Degree so that I can contribute to improving health care infrastructure in my native Pakistan in both the short and the long term. I am already cultivating a special in…

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Master's Degree Health Informatics

Why have you decided to pursue a career in health informatics? How will this program help you to achieve your goals?

I want to better understand healthcare technology because, in addition to my family, it is my foremost passion in life. I work for a company that is becoming a major player in th…

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PHD Information Systems & Operations Mgmt

Your doctoral program at the College of Business at the University of XXXX is my first choice for graduate school because it is the most exciting program that I have found in terms of innovative thinking on the cutting edge where Information Systems meet Operations Management. I am a young man fro…

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LOR, Masters Management & Statistics, Chinese #1


RE:  Applicant XXXX

Dear Admissions Committee Director:

I have now been teaching at XXXX Management College for the past 5 years. During this time, I have treated research as my absolute priority and we have made enormous progress in a broad range of areas. I am writing this letter …

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MSCS CS & IT, Information Security

I hope to contribute to the most admirable ethnic diversity of the University of XXXX both as an Arab man, someone who grew up in Saudi Arabia, and an African, since I was born in Sudan and I returned there for my undergraduate studies, completing my Degree in Computer Science in 2009. Now, I live…

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MA Translation, UK, Saudi Woman

Still only 24, I am a mature and hard working young woman from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on the coast of the Red sea. Jeddah is one of the most international cities in the Middle East and the most international and liberal of Saudi cities, where foreigners feel most comfortable. I completed my undergra…

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M.Eng. Information Systems Security

I am 23, a young woman from Saudi Arabia. Mature for my age, and hard working, I love everything having to do with technology, particularly communications and computer science. This is why I choose to study information security. My country, Saudi Arabia, is better developed than most Middle East c…

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MA International Affairs, American Diplomacy

My great grandparents were originally from Dresden, Germany; not even Jewish, they saw a firestorm brewing in their country in the late 1930s and escaped to America just in time. Most of their relatives would die a few years later in the firebombing. One could say that the study of international a…

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MPH Degree, Saudi Arabian

I was identified as a ‘gifted student’ while at High School and realized that many professions were open to me. I considered the many paths available to me very carefully. I knew that I wanted to help people and concluded that my abilities and potential would be best applied to medicine. I have ne…

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Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering, Saudi

I was born raised and educated in Saudi Arabia. I hold a bachelor degree in Engineering awarded by the King Faisal University (since re-named Dammam University) and majored in Landscape Architecture. I am the son of the founder and CEO of a substantial enterprise in Saudi Arabia involved in transp…

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Admission Appeal Letter, Low GRE Scores



I am an Engineer from Nigeria who has extensive experience in the area of Petroleum Engineering through my hands-on experience in my native Nigeria working at a refinery, running static machines including pressure vessels, reactors, and heat exchangers. This is one of the reasons why I…

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MS Global Business, Armenian, Russian


I was born in Armenia, but I am also Russian. I remember both countries well and they stay with me, even after many years in America. I want very much to return someday to Armenia as well Russia, as a professional and to use both languages professionally. XXXX’s MS Program in Global Business i…

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