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MS Project Management, Oil & Gas, Iranian

A young Iranian man who completed my undergraduate studies here in Iran, I earned my first Master’s Degree in England, the MSc in Advanced Chemical Process Design at the University of XXXX in 2009. Since that time, I have lived and worked in Tehran as a Senior Process Engineer and I now I have more …

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MA Counseling, Alcoholic Father, Suicide Mother

I am applying to your distinguished Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Program at the University of XXXX because I wish to devote the balance of my life to helping people to heal from the wounds of trauma and abuse, especially with respect to childhood. Now 45 years old, for the past 4 year…

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MPH Degree, Saudi Arabian

I was identified as a ‘gifted student’ while at High School and realized that many professions were open to me. I considered the many paths available to me very carefully. I knew that I wanted to help people and concluded that my abilities and potential would be best applied to medicine. I have ne…

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Graduate Certificate in Public Health, Obesity

Through middle school and high school, I was frequently prodded by peers, family members, and teachers to pursue a career as an M.D. Hearing this helped me to believe that one day I would attend a prestigious medical school. As I have matured, however, and continued to learn about medical issues on …

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Masters, Nursing MSN, 200 Words

(1) Explain your reasons for choosing XXXX University to pursue a Graduate Degree in the School of Nursing (100 words)

 Having served as a professional nurse for over fifteen years, I have only heard the highest praise for the School of Nursing at SXU, particularly from people I truly re…

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