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MS Degree in Sustainable Architecture

I am applying to your novel and exciting program because I eat, sleep, and breathe architecture and I want to learn how to continue to do so in increasingly sustainable ways. I have loved buildings and landscape since I was a little girl and have long developed a practiced eye for design. I am cur…

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MS Engineering Medical Devices, Iranian

I am an electrical engineer who has recently immigrated from Iran to the USA. I want very much to continue my studies on the graduate level here in my new home, California. It has always been my dream to be able to contribute to saving lives through the development of more effective medical instru…

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Master’s Food Science, Safety, Saudi

I am from Saudi Arabia and currently employed with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority. I have a full academic scholarship to study towards my Master in America. I was raised in Riyadh and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science from King Saud University. I am especially interested in doing research …

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Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering, Saudi

I was born raised and educated in Saudi Arabia. I hold a bachelor degree in Engineering awarded by the King Faisal University (since re-named Dammam University) and majored in Landscape Architecture. I am the son of the founder and CEO of a substantial enterprise in Saudi Arabia involved in transp…

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Masters Nursing MSN, Caring for Older Patients

Pursuing an MSN is more than just a logical or natural progression for my career.  It is a life choice, one that is backed by burgeoning clinical acumen and in-depth exposure to an array of experiences, and levels of care. 

 Moreover, my experiences have proven that my passion for Nursing is mo…

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MBA Business & Economics

The spirit and vision that has guided my family for over two hundred years in the US has created educators, innovators, pioneers, entrepreneurs and US patriots, a rich heritage that I am truly proud of and am eager to contribute to through my own unique abilities and aptitudes.  Increasing my exposu…

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