Statements of Excellence for Fellowship Programs

Sample 1st Paragraph Health Administration Fellowship Program

I am asking for admission to your program because I feel strongly that I have the drive, creativity, dedication, and leadership qualities that it takes to become an effective health care executive, even someday a CEO. My short term goal, therefore, is to put the MHA Degree that I am now finishing (September, 2013) to work. I see XXXX as a distinguished leader in our field and would be honored to have the experience of working on the cutting edge of training and advancement with XXXX.

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Originally from the United States, I have now made my home in Bolivia at 59 years old. After earning my PHD in Religion (1995) from the University of Southern California, I have traveled much of the world, particularly Latin America. Since 2001, I have dedicated the bulk of my efforts to helping others to be accepted to graduate school, university, residency programs, etc.

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Sample 1st Paragraph for the Army Congressional Fellowship Program, Latina Soldier with MBA

A career army professional, I am a Latina Soldier with an MBA and an American woman who has proudly served her country for 15 years in Germany, 2 years in Panama, 1.5 years in Bosnia, and more than one year each in both Iraq and Kuwait. Much of my work, especially later on, involved writing papers for briefings to higher command. I hope to be accepted to your competitive fellowship program on the strength of my profound passion for the goal of reducing the numbers of our veterans who find themselves homeless in America.

Sample 1st Paragraph for a Post-doctoral Fellowship Position in Nanotechnology

Now 38 years old and a permanent resident of Canada, I am an Indian man whose heart and soul has been fully dedicated to green nanotechnology for many years now. After completing my undergraduate work in Life Sciences complimented by earning an MBA in Marketing and Production, I decided that my true calling in life was that of a research chemist and engineer with a progressive environmentalist agenda. Thus, I went on to earn my MSc in Industrial Chemistry with a special research focus in the area of Polymers and then my PHD in Chemical Engineering with a special focus on nanotechnology. I feel that I am an excellent candidate for your fellowship program because I seek to devote the next 4 to 5 decades almost exclusively to the research and development of environmentally friendly and sustainable nanomaterials.