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SLP Masters, Audiology, Autistic Children

As a Registered Behavior Technician, since January of 2015, I have been working at Verbal Behavior XXXX with children on the Autism spectrum, providing behavior intervention and building language acquisition at home and at school. I have fallen deeply in love with SLP, Audiology, and mostly Autistic…

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SLP Master’s, Mexicana, Mother, Homemaker

From the experience that I have acquired to date, working as a SPLA since 2012, it is clear to me that it takes a very special type of person to treat speech disorders successfully; that empathy, determination and enormous patience, substantial technical knowledge and skills are called for in order …

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Master’s SLP, Children, Vietnamese

My fascination with language and communication stems from childhood experiences and observations. Our family had moved from Vietnam to Australia before I was born. As I grew up, I watched my mother struggle to acquire fluency in English. She succeeded but it was a long, hard journey complicated by t…

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Master’s Speech Pathology and Audiology, Musician

The distinguished Speech Pathology and Audiology Program at XXXX College is my first choice for graduate school to earn my Master’s Degree because I live close by – in addition to the fact that your program is well known for the extremely high quality of your clinical training Coming from my native …

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Masters Speech Language Pathology, Children

My nephew, Carson, just celebrated his 9th birthday and he is one of the coolest and smartest kids I know.  However, he suffers a speech impediment which hinders the rest of the world (namely his school mates), from seeing just how great of a boy he truly is and it is an awareness of his distress …

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Master’s Speech Language Pathology, Saudi

I am a young Saudi Arabian woman with a great passion for my work as a speech language pathologist and feeding clinician at King Fasial Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. I now have a total of six years of experience including the year spent completing my internship. Dur…

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MS Degree in Speech-Language Pathology

XXXX University is close to where I live; but I am also very excited about the excellence of your program and would have been willing to travel if needed to have made this possible. Your outstanding program at Towson is my first choice for graduate study. I was born in New York but moved shortly aft…

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MA Communicative Sciences and Disorders

I was born and raised in Piura, Peru before immigrating as a young adult to America; thus, I am more Peruvian than American and look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program as a South American woman. After completing my undergraduate degree in education, I began the only related c…

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SLP Masters, Speech Therapy

Your outstanding SLP program at XXXX University is my first and only choice for graduate study.  XXXX University is close to where I live; but I am also excited about the excellence of your program and would have been willing to travel if needed to have made this possible.  XXXX University is also…

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Master Education, Communication Disorders

When teaching pre-school children, I became aware that communication problems in children are much more common than I had suspected that there are insufficient trained people to deal with the situation especially in a bi-cultural setting and that the failure to offer effective and early intervention…

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MS SLP Speech-Language Pathology, Volunteer

I was raised in Incommack, New York and now reside in West Babylon. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Special Education from XXXX College. In addition to my professional duties, I have undertaken substantial volunteer work over the past 15 years including; involvement in food drives, working in homeless…

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MS SLP, Rehabilitation, Multilingual

Your program at XXU is my first choice for graduate school because of its distinguished faculty and cutting-edge resources, along with its broad ranging curriculum that addresses virtually all aspects of human speech and related pathologies. I plan to give my all to your program and I am very much l…

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MS SLP, Hispanic Applicant

A 21-year-old Latina, I was born in Chicago, Illinois but raised in Puerto Rico. I will graduate this coming May of 2011 from XXXX University in San Juan with an undergraduate degree in Speech Therapy. My mom is Colombian and my dad is from Puerto Rico and I am the eldest of two siblings—the first i…

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MS Degree, Speech & Language Pathology

My grandmother used to tell me, “You want to be the cause not the effect.” And I have always lived to exercise my will as a servant of my community. Born in Hong Kong and  raised in various parts of both China and America, I have multiple ethnicities. A citizen of the world, I have deep appreciation…

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